Welcome to AITP Alaska Chapter 150!


What is AITP? 

AITP is a society of IT professionals and a community of knowledge for the current and next generation of leaders.

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Join us for dinner

Please join us for our monthly meetings the second Tuesday of each month.  We meet at the Tex R Us LLC Conference Room – 2525 Blueberry Rd Suite 201We have a wide variety of topics such as personal information, state laws, cloud computing, and technology on the campaign trail.  Previous speakers include representatives from ACS, Dell, Microsoft, Apple, State of Alaska, University of Alaska, and many more.  If you are interested in speaking or have a specific topic of interest, please let us know.

The typical meeting agenda is:

6:00 pm – meeting social

6:30 pm – introductions and announcements

6:40 pm – dinner

7:00 pm – speaker

8:00 pm – end of meeting

December 12, 2017 Meeting


Details Coming Soon

*** We do need more of an RSVP – Pizza and beverages will be provided courtesy of Tex R Us, LLC***

** Feel free to Call Jim or email jim@texrus.com **

No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people.