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Welcome to CompTIA AITP
A new IT association, completely re-imagined for the 21st century workforce. An indispensable resource for anyone looking to start, grow, and advance a career in technology in Alaska and nationwide.

What is AITP? 

AITP is a society of IT professionals and a community of knowledge for the current and next generation of leaders.

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We have a wide variety of topics such as personal information, state laws, cloud computing, and technology on the campaign trail.  Previous speakers include representatives from ACS, Dell, Microsoft, Apple, State of Alaska, University of Alaska, and many more.  If you are interested in speaking or have a specific topic of interest, please let us know.

The typical meeting agenda is:

6:00 pm – meeting social

6:30 pm – introductions and announcements

6:40 pm – dinner

7:00 pm – speaker

8:00 pm – end of meeting

February 12, 2018 Meeting


Please plan on joining us for our 2019 Kickoff Meeting!

Meeting Topic: Hyperconvergence: Simplified infrastructure for the mid-market Presented by Scale Computing John Ruiz & Blake Manard

John Ruiz is an IT specialist, having worked in multiple industries ranging from Banking to Manufacturing to Education. John has served in many roles in the IT industry range from Network Engineer to the VP of IT. John has been building secure stable infrastructures for over 15+ years. He currently serves in a role as a Systems Engineer at Scale Computing where he assists customers with designing converged infrastructures using Scale Computing’s HC3 Hyper-Converged solution across the entire West Coast.

Ok, so what is Hyperconvergence?

Hyperconvergence is an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system in an effort to reduce data center complexity and increase scalability. Multiple nodes can be clustered together to create pools of shared compute and storage resources, designed for convenient consumption”

Mark your calendar and be sure to attend.

*** We do need more of an RSVP this time – Pizza, Salad and beverages will be provided courtesy of Tex R Us, LLC***

** Feel free to Call Jim or email @ jim@texrus.com **

This is our welcome back meeting after too long of a break. 

No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people.