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AITP is a society of IT professionals and a community of knowledge for the current and next generation of leaders.

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All AITP members are welcome to register for INTERFACE Alaska:

April 13,  2017
Dena’ina Convention Center
8:30 AM – 4:45 PM

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Join us for dinner

Please join us for our monthly meetings the first Wednesday of each month. January 4 2017 will be at the Tex R Us LLC Conference Room – 2525 Blueberry Rd Suite 201We have a wide variety of topics such as personal information state laws, cloud computing, and technology on the campaign trail.  Previous speakers include representatives from ACS, Dell, Microsoft, Apple, State of Alaska, University of Alaska, and many more.  If you are interested in speaking or have a specific topic of interest, please let us know.

The typical meeting agenda is:

6:00 pm – meeting social

6:30 pm – introductions and announcements

6:40 pm – dinner

7:00 pm – speaker

8:00 pm – end of meeting

February 1, 2017 Meeting

Guest Speaker:   Pam Hanneman, President, eDocsAlaska, Inc.

 Meeting Topic:  The Business Case for Enterprise Content Management, and Demonstration of Current Software Technologies Related to Information Management and Business Process Automation

 Pam Hanneman is owner of eDocsAlaska, Inc., an Anchorage company that helps businesses run smarter using software to deliver efficiency gains and bottom line cost savings through better information management and automation of business processes.

Pam graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, CO.   Her career started out in geologic modeling and volumetrics of the Prudhoe Bay reservoir for BP Exploration, where she was eventually assigned to BP’s Legal Department to provide software and content searchable document databases to attorneys preparing for negotiations and trial related to oil field litigations.

After a decade of researching and implementing systems for each new case, Pam started eDocsAlaska in 2000 to offer expertise in this continuously evolving technology, recognizing that every business would eventually need these capabilities to thrive.

Meeting Topic:

Organizations face many challenges related to business information management: The volume of business data is increasing exponentially. Data security issues and breaches are becoming alarmingly frequent, and the need to manage this risk continues to grow. Business regulatory and compliance requirements increasingly burden organizations.

These challenges form the scenic backdrop for many other employer challenges, including the escalating cost of resources and staffing, the globalization of business and the need for multiple office locations to have access to the same record, the significant increase in staff travel, and the need for active collaboration on drafting and approving business documents. Other bottlenecks, inefficiencies and challenges complicate processes as employers try to do more with less.

The good news is, many business operations have great opportunity for improvement, and the business tools and local expertise exists to help with these challenges. There is real opportunity for businesses to run smarter using technology that can be implemented at any scale within an organization through automation of paper- and/or people-intensive capture and business activities, resulting in significant cost savings.

This presentation will cover some of these issues and the damning statistics associated with them, and will demonstrate software functionality that provides a solution to these challenges  that are faced by employers everywhere.

*** We do need more of an RSVP this time – Pizza and beverages will be provided courtesy of Tex R Us, LLC***

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